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ABS Discount

Free Preseason Training – $135 Value 
This discount adds 4 extra (Free) weeks of training to the Regular spring season of games and training.  From March 16th to April 6th four Sat sessions 

*Discount Terms
Submit $75 enrollment fee for the “Regular” spring program by Sat Feb 23, 2019 to qualify for this discount.  With this discount you get 12 weeks of total training for the price of 8 weeks. Limited to team space.


Spring 2019 – (Regular) season games & training – Enrollment Fee

Please Note: You are enrolling for Spring “Regular” season – 2 months (8 games/weeks) training program. Games and program start April 13, 2019…. Your balance due after this payment is: $145 x 2 months for team training and $44 x 2 for 8 games. *Nonrefundable