Service Policies


Enrollment Form

  • ABS is happy to send you parent Referrals about our services… about us
  • If you Submitted Payment with a credit card and wish to cancel a service or program, there is a $35 set up and Bank service fee Due to ABS
  • Fees for some programs or services are nonrefundable for any reason.  Contact us by text at: 210 683 8093 for more information and details about your program.
  • If you cancel ( before ) we process your credit card payment your account will only show a $25 Booking and set up fee due to ABS.
  • Missed 1-on-1 training sessions can only be reset to the next available open time slot if you notify ABS 4 hrs before scheduled sessions. Missed sessions are nonrefundable
  • All PayPal Refunds have a 6% service charge Plus $10
  • Team Program – enrollment and deposit fees are nonrefundable. Please note: ALL team program fees are nonrefundable because of the 2 months team commitment parents agree to before you sign up. If a player gets hurt at an (ABS game or practice), we will consider a “limited refund” for missed training sessions only.  Season Games (8) and/or League fees cannot be refunded for any reason and are billed at $160 per season if we approve a limited refund.