Team Placement

Team Placement Info

A skills evaluation is required for all incoming players seeking to get placed on a team. This will help the coaches to determine the players current skill level and which team the player qualifies for.  All students will have options for team placement.

Pre-season Training

Pre-season team and player training (Prep Camp) is the starting point of our Team Programs. It helps a player to prepare for any upcoming “Regular Team Season” and games.  Fees for Pre-season programs are based on grade levels.  Call for more info 210 683 8093.

Your Child’s Eval Session

Coaches will watch and eval the following:

1. Ball Control / dribbling
2. Passing
3. Shooting Mechanics – layups, Mid and long ball 3 shots
4. Court Speed
5. Court IQ

Parent’s Meeting

A coach will meet with the parent to review the results as soon as the coach has all performance results.

Pre-season student enrollment opportunities will be provided.

Registration and Discounts

Sign up program benefits, registration discounts or extra training promotions will be offered (if available) at the evaluation session and only good for that day with a paid-full enrollment.

Thanks for Training with ABS

210 683 8093