Team Policies

Welcome to ABS. 
Please read the following important guidelines for becoming an ABS team member.

The main goal of our membership guidelines is to maintain the ABS training program at the highest level and to better serve all of our team parents and players. For this reason, we ask all of our new clients to agree to the following membership policies:

(A) Commitment of Participation
A “Commitment of Team Participation” is required by both player and parents to become an ABS club team member.

(B) The Player’s team commitment
1. Attend team practice sessions on time
2. Attend scheduled team tournaments and league games
3. Follow all team rules (set by coaches)
4. Display good sportsmanship and act in a professional, ethical manner
5. Become a team player and get along with all teammates
6. Pay attention to coaching details
7. Practice hard to become a better player
8. Practice every day to become a better team player
Note: School grades are extremely important to ABS. Our team members are expected to work hard to maintain good school grades.

(C) The Parent’s program commitment
1. Pay team dues or fees on time:
2. Get player to practice and tournaments on time
3. Attend team meetings
4. Help the team and coaches when necessary
5. Display good sportsmanship at all games
6. Attend the games and support your child with “positive” feedback and comments
7. Follow all team membership guidelines and policies

oaching from parents is always welcome, but comments must be limited to his/her child only.

(D) Dropping a player from our program
1.Team Director reserves the right to drop (without refund) any player that displays inappropriate behavior towards any ABS coach, teammate, referee/official or opposing team member.
2. Team Director reserves the right to drop any player that is not up-to-date on all training and monthly club fees.
3. Team Director reserves the right to drop any player that regulary fails to attend team practice sessions .

(E) Playing Time Policies 
Each player must “earn” their playing time through court performance, hard work, and the following:
1. Practice attendance
2. Working hard to learn key team plays
3. Willingness to be a team player
4. Overall attitude
5. Skill level
6. Most importantly: by paying attention (retaining“) coaching points at practice and executing these skills at the games. 

Player must be up-to-date on all club dues and monthly fees to be eligible for tournament play.

Questions about playing time:
Please set up an office meeting or phone conference for any questions or concerns about your child’s court time.  ABS coaches will not address these issues at the games. This is a strict team and program policy.

(F) About our Club Policies and Fees
ABS reserves the right to modify club policies and fees as necessary. ABS will keep fees as low as possible. However, if necessary, we will revise our fee structure to cover all team operating expenses.